Fishing for Fun


I was told that becoming a fishing captain would destroy my desire to fun fish. That sounded horrible to me, and even though I didn’t believe the people who told me that, somewhere in the back of my head I wondered “what if they are right?”.

It has been 2 years and several thousand smiles later, and I want to tell yall, still have not lost my desire to be on the water and fish. You know all the people I have seen gotten stoked on fishing and the lives that have been enhanced by just taking a day to fish with me, has done nothing but encourage and feed my desire to keep doing what I do best.

So here I am, slowing down from the summer months, its the middle of September and my birthday approaches. My mind starts to think, hey man when are we going fishing all alone like you used to? Something inside me says, but you enjoy it more when you see the shock and awe of other people faces as they see the monster fish. But since I didn’t really plan it out, I’ll be tackling those monsters single-handedly